One Very Odd Comic

"This comic makes me doubt myself."

Swift, "Spiders" and the Sunday Times!

Spiders. Way cooler than you think.

Everywhere Else

A few of the interesting articles we've spotted lately: Robert Maguire - one of the great pulp cover artists -...

Friday Five: 5 Songs with Bad Science

“we’re all in for a shock and soon / when we find living creatures upon the moon”

Pygmalia Volume One: The Bride (1985)

Jennifer Beals wakes up and is obviously mega-hot, prompting the Creature to claim her for his own. Baron Sting Frankenstein also notices Beals is hot, and becomes uncool with this.

The Good Shabti - Unwrapping Party Tonight!

Our (rather lovely) limited edition of The Good Shabti is being unleashed upon the unsuspecting world... tonight! Join us at...

New Releases: The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

The Goblin Emperor has been heralded as a "defiantly anti-grimdark" fantasy. But I tend to disagree - that's an oversimplification of both this book and the movement it is being pitted against

Fiction: "Bundle of Joy" by Tiffani Angus

“Doesn’t matter where it came from. I’m its mother now.”

Underground Reading: Assembly by John O'Hara

O'Hara was also a bit of a grump.

Non-Fiction: "On Writing Short Stories" by John O'Hara

He must also bear in mind the fact that this may be the only thing of his that some reader will ever read.