Power Ballads: Vampires, Cheetahs and Thunderdome

Who needs another hero when you know the life you want is beyond the Thunderdome? Honestly, it’s something I ask myself each week.

"Fuck You, Legolas" by Daniel Polansky

"Elves always have perfect hair, even if they've just been killing something with a knife."

Non-Fiction: "On the fiction of Amelia Edwards" by Katharine S. Macquoid

Remembering that she was an omnivorous reader, a careful student, possessed too of an excellent memory, we need not wonder at the fulness and richness of her books.

Ross & Rachel & Ron & Hermione & Jessica Rabbit

Seriously?! Friends?!

One Comic goes to sea

GONTU THROW! The One Comic podcast discusses Aquaman #39. And finds it fishy.

"Greetings, gentlebeings"

"We are a race of hyper-advanced space whales"

Friday Five: 5 Cartoons That Will Improve Your Life

Jennifer Williams selects five of her favourite mind-blowing cartoons - from Legends of Korra to Adventure Time!

New Releases: The Bloodbound by Erin Lindsey

The Bloodbound is one of the most enjoyable fantasies I've read in a long time; a book I cheerfully devoured in a single sitting.

Meet, like, everyone at Forbidden Planet on 7 March

Come along! Get things signed! Buy stuff!

Pygmalia: Vision of Escaflowne

Vision of Escaflowne is a baffling, indescribable thing, and one impossible to meaningfully discuss without revealing major series spoilers.

Everywhere Else

Twitter advice, pornography, ice cream, and the avocado that could have been.

Fiction: "The Hound of Henry Hortinger" by Michelle Goldsmith

“If you want a pet,” continued Henry’s father,” we can get you a proper dog, a hunting dog. You’re nearly old enough anyway.”

Announcing... Jews vs Aliens & Jews vs Zombies

“If you will it, it is no dream!” - the new anthologies from Jurassic London

A Nameless One Comic

The podcast crew tackle the first issue of Image Comics' Nameless. In a strange and echo-ey room, only appropriate for something by Grant Morrison.

Friday Five: 5 Books That Can't Make The Kitschies' Shortlists

Glen Mehn reveals five brilliant books that the judges weren't allowed to consider for The Kitschies.