Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off!

So bring it on, SPFBO, let's find some books worth talking about.

British Library Labs, Niche Marketing & The Walking Dead

It is almost like Zack Snyder isn't actually very good for the comic book industry.

The Bus: Journey into the Strange

"The driver has control and the protagonist can only pay his money, sit back, and do as he’s told."

Stark Reviews: Day of the Outlaw (1959)

The characters range from dime novel stereotypes, to interesting depictions of cruel, indecisive, moody, guilt-ridden people, where even the “heroes” are grimly resigned rather than courageous.

One Comic wonders at Wonder Woman #1

"By the Gods! What is that thing? Where did it come from?"

Taher Shah's "Angel"

"If the purple velvet robe and cardboard angel wings were framed as exclusive, high brow performance art, many of us 'clever types’ would be rushing to applaud"

Radio Drama: "Little Happenthatch" (1969)

A lady just said ‘oh grandpa’ in an alarmingly orgasmic way and I’m feeling really uncomfortable right now.

Announcing... The Extinction Event

Going out with a bang.

Matthew Blakstad on "Je suis Tay"

"Isn’t Tay, in its way, a perfect emblem for the emerging personality of the internet: lively, scabrous, quick-witted – and awful?"

The Wake: Shades of Horror and Adventure

The colouring of this book is not only a huge element of what makes it so visually stunning, but what makes it such an exciting and compelling read.

25 Superhero Films Just As Bad As Batman vs Superman

This will bring all the Ang Lee Hulk truthers to the yard.

Review Round-up: Dead Dolls, Discoveries, Tides and Thieves

From Lin Carter to Brooke Magnanti, including side trips to both Benioff's City of Thieves and Asprin's Thieves' World!

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Raiders of the Lost Ark, for me, at least, brings back a Lost Art. The art of fun, escapism and pure hokum.

Quentin Tarantino's 10 Favourite Spaghetti Westerns

Another random famous person listicle, sorry! But this is an interesting list - Quentin Tarantino's twenty favourite Spaghetti Westerns. And...

Susan Jane Bigelow on "Laying Down the Cape"

Can a superhero ever really stop being a superhero? Can they quit, or retire, or even escape the heavy burden...