Radio Drama: "The Willoughby Obsession" (1980)

This show might be exciting because ‘obsession’ is a very exciting word and so is ‘Willoughby’. Due to racism, I also believe that this will be Downton Abbey, Dr Who and Call the Midwife all mixed together.

Jurassic London - One week to go...

Only one week left to buy Jurassic London books.

Adam Kranz on "Fantasy needs more parasites"

Despite a century of mining parasite ecology for inspiration, speculative fiction has barely scratched the surface on what parasites have to offer

This Thursday... The Extinction Event!

Thursday evening we're having a welcome party for The Extinction Event and a farewell to Jurassic London.

From tiny acorns... the growth of Giant Days

Who on earth would have thought that a monthly comic book about the goings on at a small English university would ever be a big hit? But it is.