Weirdness Rodeo: Panels, Magazines, Diversity, Creativity

Catwoman's Apartment from Batman Returns This week's collection of weirdness features conventions, magazines, creativity and Miles Davis. Can't we do...

Phil Tucker's The Path of Flames (2016)

A crowd-pleasing romp that contains all the stuff we love to love, and hidden depths besides. Read it, fantasy fans. And rejoice.

Josiah Bancroft's Senlin Ascends (2013)

Senlin Ascends is set up as an iridescent New Wave weirdscape, complete with Central Biblical Metaphorâ„¢. It doesn't disappoint.

B.T. Narro's Kin of Kings (2015)

An all-Hermione Hogwarts, with a thousand valedictorians all competing to be the best of the best.

Richard Crawford's Traitor Blade (2011)

Very good historical fiction that just so happens to be in a secondary world.