The Kitschies present... Ben Aaronovitch, John Connolly and Triffids!

Tonight! Blackwells! Two of the crime-writin' greats!

Crossing Over: Secret Wars

Along the way alliances are formed and broken, mountains are thrown at people, Spider-Man gets a new costume (or does he?), and we meet three new ongoing characters.

Fiction: "The Demon Pope" by Richard Garnett

"It is my constant experience that the good people are much more slippery than the sinners, and drive much harder bargains."

Review Round-Up: This Song Will Save Your Life & The Bunker Diary

Patrick Ness speaks and writes about this all the time, and it boils down to two key points: a) teens that act like teens and b) not underestimating the (young) reader.

Friday Five: Overrated Films

Five (well, eight) overrated classic films.

Post-script: The Best and Worst Books of March

A few recent purchases, and a review of the March reading - including the best and worst of the month.

New Releases: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North

Harry August will break your heart fifteen times, and you'll thank him for it.

The Kim Scott Walwyn Prize!

"The Kim Scott Walwyn Prize recognises the professional achievements and promise of women in publishing."

Fiction: "Anxiety" by Esther Saxey

"Freud tells strange women they look like his mother!" (PANDEMONIUM: THE RITE OF SPRING - out today!)

Friday Five: Best Ways to Survive the Sh*t-Canning of Your Writing Career

"I was the proud owner of an actual honest-to-goodness contract for my debut novel, No Hero. The publisher involved went by the name Night Shade Books."