Jurassic: Call for Submissions

Looking for new stories.

Post-Script: Nine Worlds and WorldCon - The Shopping

So. Many. Books.

Fiction: "The Pi Terrorist" by Adam Roberts

Mathematical genius and recluse Gunther Juttahat had devoted his life to the study of π. Decades of work, alone in his university-owned house in the middle of Helsinki. His was a profession (luckily for him!) in which his solitariness and...

Friday Five: 15 Marvellous Meats [The Meat Draft]

The most important Friday Five ever.

Confessions of a Pop Culture Junky: Mid-Life Crisis Edition

I haven’t just grown up with pop culture – pop culture has grown up with me.

The Good Wife: Season 1

This show has consistently surprised me.

Fiction: "A Brief History of the Great Pubs of London" by Lavie Tidhar

"A story is told of a group of men and women who meet, once a decade, in one or another of London’s pubs. They have been meeting this way for just over two centuries."

Call of Cthulhu at Nine Worlds: The Vanishing Man

The story opens in December 1924....

Friday Five: 5 Pieces of Soggy Sci-Fi Cinema

"Outer space has always been science fiction’s first choice of setting, but there have been a few sf films set in inner space..."

50+ Places to Go, See, Eat, Drink and Shop in London

A list of unmissable curries, swimming pools, outdoor markets, rooftop gardens and other essentials.