Immodest Proposals for the David Gemmell Legend Awards

Chester can enjoy his £50 gift certificate to Red Lobster secure in the knowledge that the rest of the prize fund is out there working to flog his books.

Half a King by Joe Abercrombie

"Even if it isn't the best Abercrombie - it ain't half bad."

One Complicated Comic

FLAME ON! Wait, what?

Stark Holborn, James Smythe and Rebecca Levene Events!

Westerns and high fantasy and YA SF, oh my! Get your week #smythed.

Weirdness Rodeo

Newspapers are going the way of the dinosaurs. Except dinosaurs are doing really, really well...

Covers: The Best of the Worst

Did you really think Britney Spears was only going to come up once on this list?

Pygmalia: Robocop (1987 & 2014)

"Alex believes right now he is in control. But he’s not. It’s the illusion of free will."

Fiction: "The Valley of the Sorcerer" by Bram Stoker

They could not give the name, persisting to the last that there was no name; and that anyone who should name it would waste away in life so that at death nothing of him would remain to be raised again in the Other World.

The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley

"You can stop and puzzle over the meaning of every pronoun and try to impose your own system upon it,... or accept the relative, individual viewpoint and move forward."

Weirdness Rodeo

Features: crowd-funding, freemium, product placement and messiness.

Friday Five: 5 Jaunty Jolts of Joe R. Lansdale

Five of my favourite books from one of my favourite authors, all from different genres... Well. Mostly.

"What if digital came first?"

From streaming to libraries to midlists to Kanye West - this isn't really an attempt to come up with THE answer. But the question is pretty fascinating.

Extended Memory: Beyond Dark Castle

I went in cocky. I’m guessing it’s been twenty-three-or-so years since I last crossed paths with Beyond Dark Castle. I’ve had some practice since then.

The Godless by Ben Peek

The problem is, The Godless is only one book.

Fiction: Coming Soon / Submissions Update

Over the next few months, we'll be presenting readers with the following terrific stories...