Fiction: "The Doorway" by Evelyn E. Smith

""It is my theory that no one ever really makes a decision."

Guardians of the Galaxy: Who Are These People? And Animal? And Tree?

Everything you might need to know about Marvel's cosmic heroes.

Review Round-up: Kill Baxter and Daddy Long-Legs

Two books that are both about, um... school? The latest from Charlie Human and a classic from Jean Webster.

On The Day of the Triffids

"You will find some pleasant reading in this book, provided you aren't out hunting science fiction masterpieces."

Friday Five: 5 Films Never to Watch With Family Members

This week's Friday Five is from Sarah Lotz, author of The Three and part of many wonderful writing tandems with many different names (see: Lily Herne, S.L. Grey, Helena Paige). Sarah's been a guest here before and we're delighted to...

Irregularity: Out now!

Fourteen new stories of the Age of Reason - out now!

The Kitschies: New!

New judges, new books, new management!

Fiction: "They Also Serve" by Donald Westlake

"I’m surprised they haven’t blown themselves to pieces long before this."

Crossing Over: House of M

House of M didn’t only mark Marvel’s wholehearted leap into ‘event’ crossovers, it set a standard that very few of those which have followed ever quite (or in some cases remotely) managed to reach.

The Romance of Book-Collecting

To accumulate any considerable number of really scarce books is the labour of a lifetime