"This slum of literature"

"They seem to find in the creation of literature very little besides a way of evading regular office hours."

What of the fans?

Fandom, so critical of the professional field yet unwilling or unable to take criticism.

Four Fantasies: Fire Boy, The Brazen Gambit, The Never King and A Stranger at the Wedding

Fire Boy, The Never King, The Brazen Gambit and A Stranger at the Wedding - four fantasies with a lot of heart (and jinn).

The Official Pornokitsch Taxonomy of Villains

OK, maybe not so much “official” as “preliminary and largely arbitrary”, but hey – you have to start somewhere.

Review Round-up: A Queue, Two Devils, Some Magicians and an Empty City

From empty cities to sorcery clubs, by way of the end of the world and Prada.