PK Interview: Kim Curran on Dwarf Eggs

"Meanwhile, Mary Margaret is horrified to learn that there are consequences to adultery."

At long last, Kim Curran's Delete!

DELETE is here!

Review Round-up: More than Words

Four books - from Agrippa to Astronomical - that are more than words. Or stories. Or, in some cases, paper.

The Joy of the Soundtrack: Misfits, Nashville and American Horror Story

Caution: this post contains witches, super-villains, naughty language, voodoo and "Mmmbop".

Everywhere Else & Whatnot

Jim Henson teaching how to make your own Muppet, from 1969. Go make your thing, even if you have no...

One Comic from the future of the past

The One Comic travels to 2000 AD, Prog 376 - featuring the first appearance of Halo Jones!

Friday Five: Discworld's 5 Best Supporting Characters

Graeme Neill selects five of Terry Pratchett's best bit characters - from the Librarian to the the (failed) assassin. Also, biscuits.

The Scully Effect: My Life in The X-Files

The X-Files, huh? That show people watched like twenty years ago? Who cares? I do, that's who. Now sit down and shut up while I explain important things to you.

Pygmalia: Watch and Ward by Henry James

"Pray for me more than ever. I have begun at the beginning; it will be my own fault if I haven’t the perfect wife."

Review Round-up: Hawkeye, Red One, Giant Days & More

Five brand new comics, all of which make great starting points for (hopefully) great series.

Fiction: "The Conquest of America" by Cleveland Moffett

"On Madison Avenue, just in front of the main entrance, I saw bodies lying three deep, many of them hideously mutilated by the explosive effects of these bullets at short range."

Films of High Adventure: Waterworld

"What could have been a so-bad-it’s-good cheese-fest is doomed by its own occasional, floundering semi-adequacy."

Friday Five: Nice Things

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, these are a few of... ooh, biscuits! (crunching noise)

Jews vs Zombies, Jews vs Aliens & The Book of the Dead

Two brand new anthologies - and a one day giveaway for one of our classics!

Terra Incognita - Out now!

The collection includes well-known and award-winning and authors Cat Hellisen, Diane Awerbuck and Gail Dendy, alongside emerging stars like Dilman Dila, Nick Mulgrew and Chinelo Onwaulu.