Holy One Comic, Batman!

Batman #43, by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo is the latest One Comic

Friday Five: 5 Nifty Noir Films from Before 1955

"Remember, angel, in the beginning was the land. Motion pictures came later."

Weirdness Rodeo

Everything from dubsmash battles to Amazon scandals to how to (politely) say BUY MY BOOK.

Stark Reviews: The Valley of Gwangi (1969)

"Professor, there's a big lizard back there and he's heading this way. Now get aboard!"

How are your books organised?


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Friday Five: 5 Weirdest Movies I've Seen Recently

"Because I am from another culture, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr., and Matthew McConaughey movies all kind of blend together for me into one long movie about dudes and just what the heck is life and pretty ladies who love these dudes and just life and dudes and the life of dudes."

Where to begin with K.J. Parker...


The Gardens of Ladies - One Comic Gets Its Euphemism On

The One Comic team tries to avoid being too continually mainstream in our choice of comic to cover, and in...

Friday Five: 5 From The Future Fire

From climate change to cyberpunk, five recommendations from the editor of The Future Fire.

What should Becky play next?

Becky needs your help for Extended Memory! Choose your own (or her) adventure!

A Fast Click to The Long Way

"A joyous, optimistic space opera."

Zot! The Complete Black & White Collection by Scott McCloud

Some books are too big to review properly. ZOT! is one of them. Just read it.

New Archie; A Lot Like The Old Archie

All-American icons don't get much more iconic than Archie...

Friday Five: 5 Fantastic Fictional Girls & Women

"Lucy is a little different from the other characters I love because she's a miserable xenophobe in a constant state of suppressed fury who lies constantly, including to you, the reader."