Submissions Update

A quick update on where we are.

Friday Five: 5 Literary Looks at Las Vegas

From Gangsterland to Choke Hold, Jared picks five books that explore the (not so wholesome) possibilities of Las Vegas.

H.P. Lovecraft's Selection of British & Irish Horror [with links]

All the British & Irish works recommended by H.P. Lovecraft - with links!

Films of High Adventure: Mad Max 2 AKA The Road Warrior

"Let us all pray to the Lord Humungus that Tom Hardy’s take on Max is as dark as Mel’s, even as Master Hardy himself remains a pristine snowflake in contrast to Squire Gibson’s slurry of partially-frozen feces."

Interview: "Hello, my name is K.J. Parker"

The full interview itself won't shared until later this week. But let's be honest, that's not why you're here.

One Comic Takes On The Hype

Spider-Gwen #1 - The Comic The Fans Made Happen. So did it deliver? The One Comic Podcast investigates.

Composting with Sandworms - 19 May, Chelsea Fringe

The perfect combination of sandworms, sock puppets, science and cake - get your tickets now!

Everywhere Else, Sandworms, Subs, Vermilion & Teasers

Our occasional round-up of stuff: featuring the death of the book, ethical consumerism, vampires and Vermilion.

Friday Five: 5 Podcasts for Fantasy Fans

The Once and Future Nerd's Christian Madera picks five of his favourite fantasy podcasts.

The TV Show For Every State

As with all lists on the internet, this is absolute and definitive.

Tom Hunter on "Do genre awards actually sell books?"

The side that often goes unconsidered in the rush to discuss shortlists and winners and diversity and voting blocks and self-publishing eligibility...

Non-Fiction: "Some Famous Ghosts of the National Capitol" (1898)

"Not less than fifteen well-authenticated ghosts infest it, and some of them are of a more than ordinarily alarming character."

DGLA Season: Bring the Noise!

And we're off and running with the David Gemmell Legend Awards, the prize that celebrates the year's epickest epic fantasy,...

Tim Clare on "Odd John: Conspiracies, Utopias and the Glamour of Fascism"

"Indeed, given the events of the decade following Odd John’s publication in 1935, the novel feels eerily, sickeningly timely – not a celebration of John’s feats, but a terrible warning."

Friday Five: 5 Next Generation Netflix Defenders

Daredevil Day! Sure, the next four series are planned out, but Jon looks at the five that could come after that...