Friday Five: 5 Amazing Avengers Guest Performances

Over its eight years and six seasons, The Avengers acted like a repertory company for British character actors.

Non-Fiction: "The Books of Dr Dee" by William Younger Fletcher

In 1583, during his absence on the Continent, the populace, who execrated him as 'a caller of divels,' broke into his house and destroyed a great part of his furniture, collections, and library.

Underground Reading: The Dead Letter and I Could Go On Singing

The lost MacDonald and first American mystery novel. What a pair.

Fiction: "The Shadows on the Wall" by Mary Wilkins Freeman

"Henry had words with Edward in the study the night before Edward died."

Underground Reading: Dicing with Dragons and Shared Fantasy

Livingstone's Dicing with Dragons is interesting because it is so dated; Fine's Shared Fantasy because it isn't.

JDM on London

"if he had been able to walk on his hands, he would attract very little additional attention"

Friday Five: 5 Reasons Michael Bay Isn't As Awful As You Might Think

Stop using your brain, dammit, and just let it wash over you.

The Lego Movie: Everything Is Awesome, kinda?

Lots of stuff to love; lots of stuff to be deeply annoyed with.

New Releases: City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett

City of Stairs is deliciously unsettling.

Three Questions with Kathryn Allan about Accessing the Future

"I want to see people with disabilities included in SF; I want to hear the voices of people who are routinely marginalized in favour of able-bodied imaginations of the future."