Playmakers (2003)

Playmakers bravely levied its fiercest criticisms towards a society that puts the players on a pedestal and the institutions that are meant to protect them.

Weirdness Rodeo: Heritage, Waterstones and Adaptations

On Waterstones profits, the death of video stores and the statistics of adaptations.

Review Round-up: Scruples, Sidekick, Outlaw Marshal

Three books that aren't the genres you'd expect them to be. (And that's no bad thing.)

Aleriel Giveaway

Win one of five signed copies of Aleriel!

Friday Fifteen: 15 Great and Bookish Gifts for the Holidays

Prints, shelves, graphic novels and books. So many, many, many books.

Fiction: "Mephisto the Unruly" by George Sandison

"The rabbit in the corner absolutely wasn’t real, he understood that, but it still kept him company."

Announcing... Aleriel, A Voyage to Other Worlds by W.S. Lach-Szryma and Molly Tanzer

A lost classic of Victorian space travel, complete with a new sequel by Molly Tanzer.

Slade House by David Mitchell

"How does a house this big, with grounds this extensive, even fit in the apparently available space?"

Review Round-up: Flamesong, Sledgehammer and The Gameshouse

Claire North's exceptional new trilogy, plus a Walter Wager's Sledgehammer and another visit to our friends in Tékumel.

Radio Drama: "The Thing from the Darkness" (1942)

I am excited to hear this because the words ‘thing’ and ‘darkness’ are very promising.

Weirdness Rodeo: Reboots, Adaptations and Neko Atsume

Adaptations, reboots, subscriptions, direct to consumer shenanigans and why digital cats love you.

Fiction: "The Choreography of Masks" by David Pomerico

"It’s all one turn around dance floor." A new story from David Pomerico, illustrated by Jeffrey Alan Love.

Stark Reviews: Westworld (1973)

It’s this collision of genres that gives the film its power, yet also results in the strange fact that Westworld’s legacy is far stronger than the film itself.

Class (Cum Laude) by Cecily von Ziegasar

Like Gossip Girl meets The Rules of Attraction. Except, sadly, neither.

Friday Five: 5 superheroes I want on my football team

Jared picks five superheroes for his football team. Because.