Lou Morgan on Gossip Girl: Psycho Killer

"no-one could accuse Ms. Von Ziegesar of not committing to the project"

Crossing Over: Secret Invasion

"What we largely get is issue after issue of super-powered fighting with a relatively minimal acknowledgement of the paranoia element..."

Non-Fiction: "On Information Warfare"

"All future wars will be information wars, and the winner will be the nation that achieves information superiority over its adversaries"

Completing Dahl: Short Stories

"A short piece in which Dahl teaches us two lessons: you can always tell a gentleman by his shoes, and don’t you ever fucking trust anyone."

Fiction: "The Kiss" by Kim Curran

An unusually respectful four days passed before the jokes started to fly around the internet.

Film Adaptations - The Best, The Worse & Who 'Cares' The Most?

Perhaps books are a larger commitment - a 'deeper' engagement than comics - which means that fans are more passionate about them.

Short Fiction Survey

Got a minute? We've got a short survey about short fiction. This'll help us figure out how, when and where to provide you with our free, weekly short stories. It is anonymous. And short. And we'll share the results, because...

One Comic!

High school drama! And the best (and worst) of film adaptations. Can you guess?

Once Upon a Time: S4E4 'The Apprentice'

There are worse things I could do, than blackmail a really powerful sorcerer or two.

Friday Five: 5 Things I Learned From NYCC

From cosplay to brand strategy, five things I learned at New York ComicCon.