Friday Five: 5 Wonderful Webcomics Now in Print (And They Say That Print Is Dead!)

"Tackleford isn’t your average town, however, but one overrun with mysteries and monsters - like onion-munching aliens, selkies and troll-men."

Ben Smith on "The Long Way Round to a Frances Marion Kickstarter"

I’m a huge Howard Hawks fan. It’s my project to see every film he ever made - and without splurging...

Fiction: "I Decided That Things Had Become Too Complicated" by William Curnow

"I started off as simply as I could. I wrote a letter to the local paper. It did no good."

Hugo Ineligibility Post

Don't vote for me.

Friday Five: 5 Things You Might Not Know About London

Each pillar is designed to mimic the bark of an extinct tree...

KJ Parker's Two of Swords x The Easy Way Out

"That's why I earn good money. Because I can give people what they want. Not just the smart ones. Everybody."

Stark Reviews: West & Soda (1965)

Clementine spends a lot of the film dragging Johnny around by his feet, hindered by her alcoholic dog, or literal boozehound, Socrates.

"I'm Through with Science Fiction" by Henry Hasse

The way the fans indulged in "tests" to prove their "superiority" over other readers, the silly letters in the mags, the petty internal strife, and many other things, have served to widen the gulf between me and SF.

Review Round-up: The Essex Sisters and Rules of Prey

Four Regency heiresses meet a rogue cop from Minnesota. Hijinks ensue!

Weirdness Rodeo: Print/Bookstores/Reviewing/Blogging/Everything is Dead

The print 'boom'? The impact of fan-culture? The death of My Independent Bookshop? Much weirdness.

Radio Drama: "First Contact" (1958)

There’s something so great about a Sixties dude saying ‘Now step into the incredible amazing future!’.

Extract: "The Girl on the Liar's Throne" by Den Patrick

‘This whole charade will come to an end if you’re discovered,’ said the Domina, ‘and not one of us will survive.’

Taylor Swift: Are We In The Clear Yet?

There’s a fire in the woods. I don’t know who ignited it but I hope it was Taylor.

Weirdness Rodeo: Trends! Opinions! An Open Letter!

Trend-spotting! Publisher-baiting! Controversial opinions!

David Bowie's Top 100 Books [Plus Some Links]

David Bowie's 100 books - plus links!