7 Deadly Sins: The Best Earworm Pop of 2014

The lethal stuff - the earworms that make you sing along and chair dance before you’ve even worked out the name of the song

Fiction: "The Quantum Quadrant Speed-of-Light Elite Fleet Christmas Party" by Rose Biggin

‘Wahoo!’ said May-Li, firing off some smaller stellargrenades in celebration.

Snoozing (and Holiday Schedule)

That is one tired llama.

Everywhere Else (& Further Shop Shop Shopping)

"A clever, vicious snake of a book" - Mahvesh on Monica Byrne's The Girl in the Road 10 books that Gail Carriger recommends for a good cry. The High Court has ruled that the ban on books for prisoners was...

Friday Five: Five Things You Should Do This Weekend...

Putting the 'pro' back into 'procrastination'

Fiction: "Jingle Hells" by Archie Black

"Usually our holiday parties end with us competing to see who can conjure a portal to the smelliest hell-dimension."

Everywhere Else (& Shop Shop Shopping)

New podcasts, signed books, poop and pizza.

Friday Five: 5 Favourites of 2014 (That Aren't From 2014)

Not quite cabbages and kings - more... lettuces and duchesses.

Fiction on Pornokitsch: Survey Results and Your Feedback

We asked you for feedback about short fiction, our short fiction and what we could do better. You answered! We answer your answers!

Non-Fiction: "On books for young folks" by James Baldwin

These I believe to be, in every sense, proper, wholesome books, free from all kinds of mannerisms, free from improper language, free from sickly sentiment and “gush”.