One Comic!

High school drama! And the best (and worst) of film adaptations. Can you guess?

Once Upon a Time: S4E4 'The Apprentice'

There are worse things I could do, than blackmail a really powerful sorcerer or two.

Friday Five: 5 Things I Learned From NYCC

From cosplay to brand strategy, five things I learned at New York ComicCon.

PK Interview: Mark Charan Newton and Retribution

"History doesn’t have a beginning or end, so in the first book I wanted to drop him right into the middle of something."

Dating Lessons from Mr Darcy

If you should happen to develop an attraction to someone, communicate your feelings during the course of a single conversation while by being as bossy and as insulting as possible. Include references to your immense personal fortune.

Fiction: "To Serve Man" by Damon Knight

"The Kanamit were not very pretty, it's true."

Thunder In Our Hearts: the Music of Kate Bush

Kate Bush is the Angela Carter of music.

Everywhere Else

From the British Fantasy Society to mozzarella sticks.

Post-Script: NY(C)C Haul

Acquisitions from the big bad city.

Friday Five: 5 Things I Wonder About the New TMNT Movie

I haven't seen the film but I've seen the poster.