5 Possibly Controversial Star Wars Opinions

I didn't realise Boba Fett was a thing until I went to college.

Ban Fiction: 'The Empire Cashes Back' by Mazin Saleem

You’ve questioned our spending over - forget the last quarter - the last four decades. Implied, a question of priorities. You’ve stated, with I detect some polite horror, that the first station cost 10 trillion, or ‘thereabouts’

4 Kids Walk Into a Bank: Childhood is short, brutal and hilarious

A funny, heartfelt, touching and tragic story which has childhood nostalgia chiseled all the way through it

M.A.R. Barker, Emperor of the Petal Throne

Tolkien built a world to tell a story, and got a great story out of it. Barker told a story to introduce the world - and, unquestionably, the world is jaw-dropping.

Fiction: 'Alf' by Mazin Saleem

The ship was running out of crew with which to correct the world.