Friday Five: 5 Awesome Android Adventures

Hands down the best nuns-with-guns game on the market!

Gaga Ooh La La

The Guardian asked Margaret Atwood to pick who would play her in the film of her life and Atwood’s response was ‘Somebody short. Or else Lady Gaga.’

New Releases: Wonder Woman #36

Wonder Woman is introduced in this comic by means of a shower scene.

Fiction: "The Life of Her Mother" by Amy Coombe

"A black widow web is this big gross mess, like what bug could be dumb enough not to see that?"

Completing Dahl: Two Fables

"Hengist finds some excellent (if unexpected) game in the Royal Forest—the king’s only daughter"

Everywhere Else

Links that caught our eye... "Dementia is real horror. I see The Case of Charles Dexter Ward as a story about a man losing his son; a father losing his son in his own lifetime, long before his own death."...

What do genre readers look like? (According to YouGov)

Fantasy fans spend a lot of time keeping their birds away from their cake.

Friday Five: 5 of the Best... GRRRLS IN SPACE!

Five films featuring space-faring women, courtesy of Club Des Femmes' Selina Robertson and Sophie Mayer, and the "Ada and After" festival.

Once Upon a Time: S4E7 'The Snow Queen'

You know it's true, everything I do Is basically to run away from my problems instead of just talking about my feelings like an adult.

Convention Tips, Tricks and Guides

For those moderating, hosting, attending or just thinking about conventions.