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NaNoNoWriMo: Day 21 - World Rebuilding

Excuse:  World Building (Again)

I'm just about to - for real, this time - write the first chapter, in which Twitch the Mingralian stableboy learns of his magical heritage from a wandering old man who turns to be Old Zarkaroth, Wizard of the Mountains. But, right as I'm about to type, I think - "what mountains?".

Mingralia, as I can show you on many color-coded maps and, is a plains kingdom.  The closest mountain range would be the Festering Peaks - but they're three thousand Mingralian leagues away, and, besides, that's the land of the Borborions, including my planned Borborion archer-commander, Shnaz'ba'cool, who doesn't even turn up until chapter 3 (unwritten)! Zarkaroth clearly can't come from there! (Plus, he's supposed to white.)

This is all wrong. I can't rename Zarkaroth, because I have that awesome pun planned for his inevitable battle with the Terminatrix Flux assassins (chapter 12) (unwritten). And now I'm second-guessing everything else, too! I've filled three carefully-alphabetized sketchbooks with reference material for Mingralian farming equipment and riding tack, but what if that's all wrong too!? I don't dare share the first chapter (unwritten) to the NaNoWriMo boards, only to have it shredded for improperly-considered saddle structure!

I'm just going to have to start over.