The King in Yellow x Original Artwork
The King in Yellow (1902 Review)

INJ Culbard x HP Lovecraft

Chuck Ward Following the success of At the Mountains of Madness, INJ Culbard is producing a second graphic novel adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward is due in October. 

If you can't wait that long (I can't), Culbard is teaming up with Rob Davis to adapt "The Dunwich Horror" for Self-Made Hero's Lovecraft Anthology in April. (Plus, launch party!) Ink & colour us excited.

We're shilling commission-free - we just loooove this work. (How much? Have a read.) Lovecraft adaptations are a dime a dozen, but Mr. Culbard has proven that he can do it right. Well done to Self-Made Hero as well, for keeping Mr. Lovecraft front & center.