Friday Five: 5 Branches of the British Royal Family in SF
Underground Reading: HebrewPunk by Lavie Tidhar

The Weeks that Were

We missed last week's recap (but it was a quiet week anyway), so here's the fun and games of the past two weeks on Pornokitsch AND BEYOND.

A veritable sausage-fest of reviews:

  • Richard Awlinson's Shadowdale (1989) (and how RPGs lead the transmedia movement)
  • Alan Campbell's Sea of Ghosts (2011) (and a host of spurious comparisons)
  • George Gilman's The Loner (1972) (and what fantasy could learn from Westerns)
  • Ed McBain's Vanishing Ladies (1958) (and the joys of the Mann Act)
  • Ben Macallan's Desdaemona (2011) (and pushing the boundaries of YA UF)
  • Jonathan Trigell's Genus (2011) (and style vs substance)
  • Toby Venables' The Viking Dead (2011) (or, 1000 words when "vikings + zombies" would've been just fine)

A bit of non-review content:

Off the blog...

And in real life:

  • A huge, huge congratuations to the recent BSFA and Arthur C. Clarke Award winners - especially Lauren Beukes and Joey HiFi, both of whom won awards for the amazing Zoo City. Although we weren't at EasterCon, we did get to see Ms. Beukes pick up her trophy at the Clarke Awards. (You can hear Anne screaming!)

Coming up next week:

  • No idea. 
  • We really need to get some writing done this weekend. 
  • Yikes.