Review Round-up: Secret Histories
Friday Five: 5 EPIC FAILS

Competition: Bye bye Babelfish

Our animal companion / Babelfish / Tor library giveaway is done and the winners have all been notified. Our thematically-appropriate randomisation device (see below) drew Vicky to receive the Babelfish of DRM-free joy. Congratulations!

Ombusdcat is rollingOmbudscat has always found percentile systems problematic, prefers her lucky d20.

We also emailed a half dozen folks with spot prizes - answers that made us laugh and/or made us jealous for not thinking of them first. Congrats to everyone! 

Thank you all for taking part and to Tor UK for letting us play at Babelfishmonger for a few days. By far our biggest competition yet - always nice to give away someone else's stuff. (160 volumes of it, at that!)