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Pandemonium: Lost Souls - Out Now!

Lost Souls

We've got lots of Pandemonium news this week, and here's the one to kick off it: Pandemonium: Lost Souls is now on sale.

The limited edition - 100 lovely purple hardcovers - can be purchased at Forbidden Planet and through the Pandemonium website for a mere £14.99.

Kindle owners can snaffle copies from (for £2.99) and (for $3.99)

The third Pandemonium anthology collects twenty-one unusual stories, all on the twinned themes of loss and redemption. These are (almost) all out of print stories that we dug up in archives, proofed, tidied up, edited and made as pretty as possible. The authors include Arthur Conan Doyle, Amelia B. Edwards, Bret Harte, Stephen Crane and George Gissing, as well as Calista Patchin, John Reynolds, Robert Chambers and Mary Wilkins Freeman. 

The two exceptions to the 'out of print' rule are a completely new short story from David Bryher and Osgood Vance's work on the prison diaries of John Reynolds (the latter was more an extensive edit than a new story, but we didn't envy him the task). Plus, introductions by the editors, which were a lot of fun - and very enlightening - to write. 

The illustrations, by Vincent Sammy, are pretty breathtaking. Vincent also signed a few bookplates for us, that we've tipped in to the pre-orders as an a "thank you". 

As with all our projects, a portion of all Lost Souls' proceeds go to a selected charity partner - in this case, Samaritans. The rest of the money will go right back in to the Pandemonium kitty, helping pay our chapbook authors and covering the print costs of future anthologies.

Vincent Sammy

Of all our books, Lost Souls has been the most labour-intensive on our part. We read untold hundreds of dusty old books and retyped hundreds of thousands of words. And, if people like the result, we'd do it again in a heartbeat...

Life Goal #475: Make a purple book. Check.