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Week o' Filler: Noir Recommendations

[Disclaimer: on the road for most of the week plus wrapping up SpecFic. This week's posts are going to be filler cursory discursive.]

Great authors I've appreciated recently – Christa Faust and Megan Abbott – so I figured I'd look for recommendations for more great female contemporary noir authors. 

Fortunately, Twitter had some answers:

Dare-Me-Novel-by-Megan-AbbottHard Bite by Anonymous9 (@FaustFatale) (er, q.v.)

Hilary Davidson (@GregMcCambley)

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (the Guardian - backed by @SamsykesSwears, @hollierendall, @zola_the_gorgon, @JoLidds and @tudorstuart)

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (@willhillauthor)

Meg Gardiner (@RobHBedford)

Dope by Sara Gran (@NMamatas, @KatWithSword)

Vicki Hendricks (@NMamatas) 

Camilla Lackberg (@tomhpollock)

Asa Larsson (@tomhpollock)

Donna Leon (@tomhpollock)

Sissel-Jo Gazan (@tomhpollock)

Carol O'Connell (@JonCG_novelist)

Sara Paretsky (@KingElfland2ndCuz)

Nineveh by Henrietta Rose-Innes (er, me - I love this book)

Swamplandia! by Karen Russell (me again, mostly because I was looking for an excuse to get this)

Cathi Unsworth (Google!)

Fred Vargas (@JonCG_novelist, @gavreads)

The Secret Lives of Married Women by Elisa Waid (@FaustFatale) (Not out yet, dammit. But this looks like another brilliant Hard Case Crime) 

Who else?