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SF vs Fantasy, Cthulhu vs Godzilla, Vampires vs Zombies - Answered!

Just discovered the Google Ngram Viewer, which searches out keywords in books, and displays them as trends over time. Sadly it only goes up to 2008, but this is still a lot of fun.

Big monster
Click any of the charts to enlarge them - and more after the jump.

Horror beasties

I'm not suprised that ghosts dominate, but I wonder if zombies give vampires a closer run for 2nd in the post 2008 period...

Obviously relevant to more than genre fiction, but still kind of interesting. I wonder what the modern equivalent of atomic is when it comes to hand-wavey SF. Nanotech? Quantum?

Scary book

The Necronomicon, still the king of the imaginary, mind-devouring book world. Yes, there are 'real' Necronomicons which would skew this, ditto Chambers' The King in Yellow, but very fun. In fact, ignoring the other three books, is this a way of measuring the relative popularity of Lovecraft?

Sf vs fantasy

Genre reduced. I love this. Understandable, "rocket" is passe, but what's the equivalent? "spaceship" fares much, much worse. 

Way too much fun... please share your own Ngram calculations in the comments!