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Books here, there and everywhere

A very quick round-up of things going on in places real & virtual:

If you've ever wanted to know what "mess" looks like... I got to take part in Savidge Reads' "Other People's Bookcases" series, which involves answering (at ridiculous length) stories about book-hoarding and providing some slightly silly pictures of our crazy home. One of our cats also makes a guest appearance, and I give some really 'insightful' tips about fire safety for book collectors... This was a lot of fun.

home sweet home

Those are books in captivity. Don't they look glum?

I suppose those are the books 'here'. The 'there' relates to a new series on - I'm in a rotation with Justin Landon and Stefan Raets to do a series of columns called "Under the Radar".

The goal is to highlight recent-ish new-ish releases that haven't received the attention that (we each think) they deserve. Justin's started us off with a doozy - Zachary Jernigan's No Return. It is a nifty, positive project and I'm glad to be part of it.

Meanwhile, in case I haven't mentioned it, like, eight billion times, there are a couple of new Jurassic books out at the end of the month. What? You want more details? Well, if you insist...

The Book of the Dead (new, original mummy stories from 19 astounding authors) is coming out in 3.5 different formats:

  • The limited edition, as I've harped on about, is 100 hardcover copies. Beautifully bound, and, er, literally bound. There are only a few left unsold, so buy it now if you want it. It comes with the ebook for free so you never even have to open it, if you're so inclined.
  • The paperback, of which we're doing two versions. There's a POD edition through Amazon (this lets us make it available all over the world, they look nice and they show up in your mailbox the next day). There's also a small run of UK-printed copies that will be on sale at the launch and at various events run by the Egypt Exploration Society. There's no difference between the two and it works out better for everyone. Huzzah for modernity!
  • The ebook. Which will be everywhere. 

If you're on Goodreads, we're giving away copies of the paperback now!

And there's this fiendishly difficult competition to win a signed manuscript. 

Unearthed (old, classic mummy stories from 10 astounding authors) is coming out in 2.5 different formats:

  • The paperback, two variants, as above.
  • The ebook. Which will be everywhere.

It is worth noting that Unearthed contains, amongst other things: one story ("The Block of Bronze") that hasn't seen print since its original 19th century publication and an incredible 40+ page introduction by John J. Johnston, who sets all the stories in their context and gives a complete run-down of mummies in pop culture and literature over the past two hundred years. 

Both books launch on 29 October at the Phoenix Artist Club - you should join us and over a dozen of the contributors in making this a thoroughly mummytastic occasion!