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HBO's adult Spawn series from the 90s 

Mutant Man, Mutant Man does whatever a mutant spider can. Creepy 'creature' filmed climbing building in Russia. [Kotaku]

Hider in the House starring Gary Busey. 'You can't lock him out. He's already in'. Really? He's CLEARLY outside. [Past Posters]

Remember that open letter sent to Spike Lee by an artist who designed posters for Oldboy? Spike Lee responded. [Den of Geek]

Congrats Sarah Lotz! TV rights optioned for upcoming novels The Three and Day Four! [BooksLIVE]

The Team Robot Blogger Award is one awesome trophy. [Angry Robot]

Activists are selling a Swiss bank vault full of 8-million Swiss 5-cent coins. Scrooge McDuck style dip anyone? [RT News]

People lose control of Barney float at Thanksgiving parade. Thankfully a heroic streetlight halted its rampage. [YouTube]

Yarn-bombed bicycles in Cape Town, South Africa! [Inhabitat]

Poster for Megafoot: the cyborg Bigfoot movie. [Topless Robot]

Aquaman: The Teen Drama. [Bleeding Cool]

Watched the Langoliers this weekend. Dear lord. Remember the fantastic freeze frame at the end? [YouTube] // Spoilers, I guess

Animated video game themed wedding cake. [Gizmodo]

Someone's finally applied some stats to the age-old 'Books vs Films' debate. And the winner is... [Shortlist]

Love these ornate insect drawings by artist & illustrator Alex Konahin. [This is Colossal]

The Pheonix is 100 issues old - you can get a free digital version to celebrate. [The Pheonix]

Peacemaker - coming 2014 from Angry Robot. [My Bookish Ways]

Double volcano eruption seen from space! [io9]

At one stage during the Cold War the code to launch all 50 of the U.S.A's nuclear missiles was set to 00000000. [Neatorama]

Teaser trailer for Guillermo del Toro's new vampire series The Strain. [io9]

On the 'Logo Thief' website is a case featuring logo theft in South Africa. It has an amicable resolution though. [Logo Thief]

Hodderscape's Advent Calendar: day 4! (Editor's note: features Joey's cover for Nnedi Okorafor's Lagoon) [Hodderscape]

I've been watching HBO's adult-themed Spawn animated series. Talk about a potent 90s nostalgia bomb. [YouTube]

Star Wars mashup action figures. Yoda/Gandhi, Han/Abe LIncoln, C-3PO/Steve Jobs... and an Ewok/Michael Jackson. [Neatorama]

Oh DC. Wonder Woman will be be in Batman vs. Superman. After Man of Steel I could certainly do with less Zack Snyder. [io9] (Editor's note: a LOT less)

Meanwhile in Texas. Behold! The world’s largest gingerbread house. Money raised goes to a hospital trauma center. (Neatorama)