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(Free) Stocking Stuffer

JL Xmas Stocking Stuffer 2015 - CoverThe annual Jurassic London Stocking Stuffer is out now, and available as a free download.

This year's theme is "book-collecting", because books are awesome.

It includes all sorts of practical advice for bibliophiles, including:

  • Where's the best book-shopping in 19th century London?
  • Why should collectors be wary of limited editions?
  • Why shouldn't you remove mysterious stains?
  • What books did Napoleon collect?

Plus a rambling introduction from yours truly and a gorgeous cover from Sarah Anne Langton.

Have a very, very happy holiday season, and a bookish new year!

Download your copy now.

(This non-fictional Stocking Stuffer is new for 2015. If you're interested in some short-short stories for the holiday season, you can find the previous Stocking Stuffers on Amazon.)


Jurassic London is a not-for-profit publisher, and the proceeds from the sales of our books go to selected charity partners. In 2015, these included The Eve Appeal, UNHCR, MOSAC, The Trevor Project, The Homestead and many others. Thanks for supporting us - and them. We hope you have a terrific holiday season.

Announcing... Aleriel, A Voyage to Other Worlds by W.S. Lach-Szryma and Molly Tanzer

AlerielOur erratic and extremely particular publishing wing, Jurassic London, has a new (or very old) title on the horizon: Aleriel, A Voyage to Other Worlds.

First published in 1883, Aleriel is one of the early classics of science fiction. The titular hero explores the Solar System - from his homeworld of Venus to the 'inchoate horrors of Saturn', with lengthy stops to visit a Utopian society on Mars and, of course, Earth. Notable for the way the novel incorporated the latest scientific, political and religious thinking, Aleriel is also the first work of fiction to use the words 'Martian' or 'Venusian' to describe the residents of these planets.

This new edition of Aleriel contains the author's original prefaces and end-notes to the first and second editions, and comes with a lengthy introduction from the Richard Dunn (Head of Science and Technology, Royal Museums Greenwich) and Marek Kukula (Public Astronomer, Royal Observatory Greenwich), discussing the role our celestial neighbours - especially Mars - have played in inspiring contemporary fiction. 

As a further bonus, Vermilion and The Pleasure Merchant's (and Pornokitsch's) Molly Tanzer has written a brand new sequel to Aleriel, "Civilisation and Its Discontented", which investigates the repercussions of Aleriel's visit to Mars.

The cover is by Jonathan Edwards, whose distinctive style can be found in the Guardian, Q and NME, as well as adorning album covers by, amongst others, The Black Eyed Peas.

Aleriel is out 24 November. Ebooks can be ordered now via Amazon and Amazon.co.uk. And the paperback is available here.


Jews vs Zombies, Jews vs Aliens & The Book of the Dead

Jews vs Zombies and Jews vs Aliens

Out now!

In Jews vs Zombies and Jews vs Aliens, editors Lavie Tidhar and Rebecca Levene have gathered together brand new stories from the light-hearted to the profound with almost twenty tales of zombies, aliens and the Chosen People.

With authors including Orange Prize winner Naomi Alderman, Big Bang Theory writer/producer Eric Kaplan, BSFA Award winner Adam Roberts and best-seller Sarah Lotz, these are undoubtedly the must-have anthologies of the year. (Plus, check out the sexy covers by Sarah Anne Langton!)

Jews vs Aliens - Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk / Kobo

Jews vs Zombies - Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk / Kobo

Details and TOC and whatnot.

The Book of the DeadAlso, for today only...

The Book of the Dead is completely free! This is to celebrate the unveiling of Amelia Edwards' English Heritage Blue Plaque. As well as the founder of the Egypt Exploration Fund (later Society), Amelia Edwards was a suffragette, archaeologist and author of brilliant supernatural fiction. All of which is why we dedicated The Book of the Dead to her in the first place.

We're delighted to see her honoured, so please - grab a copy of this terrific anthology (the one and only collection of all-original mummy fiction) and tell your friends!

The Book of the Dead contains original stories from Gail Carriger, Paul Cornell, Adam Roberts, Roger Luckhurst, Jesse Bullington, David Thomas Moore, Lou Morgan, Molly Tanzer, Jenni Hill, Michael West, Sarah Newton, Den Patrick, Glen Mehn, Jonathan Green, Louis Greenberg, Will Hill, Maurice Broaddus and Maria Dahvana Headley. The illustrations are by Garen Ewing, and the introduction is courtesy of John J Johnston, of the Egypt Exploration Society. 

The  Book of the DeadAmazon.com / Amazon.co.uk

The Good Shabti - Unwrapping Party Tonight!

The Good ShabtiOur (rather lovely) limited edition of The Good Shabti is being unleashed upon the unsuspecting world... tonight!

Join us at the Betsey Trotwood (56 Farrington Road, EC1R 3BL) from 7pm for an evening of mummies, books and very nice people.

The Good Shabti is limited to 100 signed and numbered copies. Everyone at the launch gets first crack at them - and then Jurassic London mailing list subscribers get dibs on what's left

Learn more about "the greatest Egyptian adventure since 'Scooby Doo in Where's My Mummy'". (Tom Harper said that)

Details about tonight's shindig are available here.

The Good Shabti - Unwrapping Party!

The Good ShabtiPlease join us for the launch of the limited edition of Robert Sharp's The Good Shabti - a brand new thriller that "masterfully mingles science with historical fiction, and updates the mummy story for the digital age". (Deji Olukutun said that!)

We'll be throwing a grand unwrapping party on Thursday, 29 January at the lovely Betsey Trotwood pub (56 Farringdon Road, EC1) for the occasion. Doors open at 7, brief talks at 7.30, then drinks, books and mingling with authors, Egyptologists and other lovely people.

Our extremely limited (and signed... and numbered...) edition of The Good Shabti can only be purchased in two ways: 

  1. on the night (limited to 2 copies per person)
  2. through Best Little Bookshop (who will be selling the books after the launch)

Best Little Bookshop are an independent online retailer that promote the very best in (printed) books. We're delighted that they've partnered with us as the exclusive retail partners for The Good Shabti.

Maps, details and RSVPs are here.

We look forward to unveiling "the greatest Egyptian adventure since 'Scooby Doo in Where's My Mummy'". (Tom Harper said that. For real!)

Happy New Year! & Jurassic London Giveaway

Ring in the new year with some free books from Jurassic London!

New Year GiveawayPut to Silence by Rose Biggin (US / UK)

Four Seasons in the Floating World™ by Jesse Bullington and Molly Tanzer (US / UK)

The Kiss by Kim Curran (US / UK)

Black Paintings by James Smythe (US / UK)

Stocking Stuffer 2014 with Becky Chambers, Erin Horáková, Richard de Nooy, Paul Ford, William Curnow and Rose Biggin (US / UK)

Pandemonium: The Rite of Spring with William Curnow, S.A. Partridge, Rose Biggin, Martin Petto and Esther Saxey (US / UK)

Pandemonium: Big Jim's Shadow with Archie Black, Martin McGrath, Damien Kelly and Stuart Suffel (US / UK)

The Brick Moon by Edward Hale, with an afterword from Marek Kukula and Richard Dunn and a new story by Adam Roberts (US / UK)

Lost Souls, a complete anthology of reprinted and 'remastered' fiction, featuring stories by Stephen Crane, Robert Chambers, Mary Wilkins Freeman, and almost two dozen more, including original fiction by David Bryher and introductions by the editors (US / UK)

All of these are free on Amazon today and tomorrow (31 December and 1 January). Fill your boots!

An Amazon wishlist of all nine is here. And a complete list of all Jurassic London's 2014 publications can be found here

Our weekly stories are now on the Kindle

Well, to be more accurate:

Our (original) weekly stories are now (available for pre-order) on the Kindle (and are coming out next week).

Black PaintingsThe first four Kindled stories are:

All four stories were first published in 2014 on Pornokitsch.

I hasten to add - these are exactly the same stories that are available for free on the website. There's no bonus content, unless you consider finely-crafted xml and a nice bit of cover design to a 'bonus'. Nor is this a complicated get-rich-quick scam: these are listed for the lowest possible price.

The one and only goal here is to make these great stories available to a broader audience. I'm happy if people read them on the site, on their Kindle, on a boat or on a goat. (Please send in pictures of the latter.)

The archive of all our weekly fiction and non-fiction, original and reprint, here.

And if you'd like to receive our stories by email, you can sign up here.