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Millipede Press

Millipede DraculaMillipede Press first came to my attention with their publication of the (stunning) (unaffordable) Artists Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, introduced by Harlan Ellison and featuring forty artists - all among the best in the field.

Little did I realise that this is only one of their many (stunning) (unaffordable) books - including a Greg Hildebrandt-illustrated Dracula and an Alexander Preuss-illustrated The Shadow of the Torturer that is so unbelievably lovely it almost makes me want to reread that painful (pun!) series.

Outside of horror, Millipede Press also publish limited edition reprints of classic noir titles by David Goodis, Fredric Brown and William Hjortsberg. Ordinary trade paperbacks are available for a mere $14, but the real value may be in the $50 signed hardcovers with introductory essays and extra short stories.

Don't let the minimalist web design fool you - although there a few strangely vague details ("signed"? Isn't David Goodis dead?) and disconcerting typos. The books look fantastic and the site provides plenty of gorgeous photography to help you properly ogle them.