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Shell Scott on Goo

One of my favorite vintage private eyes, Shell Scott, is extremely quotable. Here's a longer passage from Kill Him Twice (1965) that I read on the way to work this morning:

This was Slade's latest, biggest, goofiest epic, Return to the Ghost of the Creeping Goo. Study that title, will you? If examined with a rapier-like intelligence it will tell you a lot. It will tell you too much. Yes, this was the third in the Goo series, which, perhaps, sums up the twentieth century. Future historians, probing the rubble of ancient Hollywood for our age's counterparts of stone tablets, for the antiquities of our constipated culture, may well find Return of the Ghost of the Creeping Goo and say, "Urp."

Then, being Shell Scott, he spends most of the book on the set of RTTGOTCG, admiring the film's many 'shapely tomatoes'. So things aren't so bad.