Green Manor by Fabien Vehlmann and Denis Bodart

Kick open the door. Loot the room.

From conventions, web-surfing and word of mouth, a few things worth noting. We don't get paid for this (or, really, even acknowledged), so we're entirely trustworthy. Darnit.

- Geek chic clothing featuring vintage video games. Not just super-vintage (like Asteroids) but also vintage-but-I-won't-admit-it-because-it-ages-me-vintage, like their awesome line of Doom-inspired t-shirts.

- Cinebook Publishing. I'll review some Cinebook titles in more detail, but this company is bringing the best of Continental comics over to the UK in nicely-translated, sensibly-packaged graphic novels. From Largo Winch to Green Manor, I've yet to be disappointed.

- Genki Gear. Original silk-screen t-shirts. Don't be put off by the manga name and theme, their collection is wholly original, tongue-in-cheek and very wacky. Anything with rampaging monsters gets bonus points.

- Centipede Press. In one of the odder (and more personal) promotions I've ever seen, the confusingly-spelled Jerad is giving away one of his own books with every hardcover purchase you make. As if a hardcover from this press wasn't reward enough...

- Hippocampus Press. Hippocampus have announced their 2009 release schedule, and it is a doozy. This November (2008) will see a collection of criticism from S.T. Joshi. Next April will see a Robert Price-edited collection on the Hounds of Tindalos. And, in perhaps the gem of the lot, they've announced a two-volume collection of the letters of Lovecraft and Robert Howard. Pre-order and save ten bucks.