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Underground Reading: Five / Seven / Five

As part of the 'clear the living room table so I can eat' initiative, I'm afraid I'm going to have to continue the rapid-fire reviewing. Unsurprisingly, Anne recommended haiku. So, without further exposition, seven books, several of which deserve much better treatment than this: 

The Woods Are Dark by Richard Laymon:

Inbred cannibals
rape, pillage, maim and slaughter.
Try harder next time.

Beware! by Richard Laymon:

Punctuation alone!
Can't make a bad story scary!
Beware! of Beware!

Who Has Wilma Lathrop? by Day Keene:

Before she ran off,
she loved like "wife and mistress".
That's the wild fifties.

The Savage Breast by John Trinian:

Rich girl loves artist
The artist loves her money.
That's really it.

Once a Thief by Zekail Marko:

Reformed thief tries hard -
But the Man won't let him win.
Starring Jack Palance!

After Hours by William Lawrence:

Boss shags secretary
in a posh department store.
Fire solves everything.

Sin in Space by Cyril Judd:

No sin. "Space" means Mars.
No sex. No guns. No nothing.
Book is a let-down.