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The Newest Watchmen Teaser - Good, Bad, or Just Plain Tired?

The newest Watchmen trailer became available today (now that the movie's out of lawsuit-hiatus, perhaps), and our feelings are mixed.  It's admittedly pretty awesome, for a teaser, and the fake vintage stuff looks legitimately fake vintage, if not legitimately vintage.  That all speaks in favor of Zach Snyder's devotion to his source material (even if he has changed the ending).  That said, we're getting a little tired of these "released on a Friday viral video/teaser/trailer" thingies that movie studios and ad agencies seem to be wetting their pants over recently. 

So what do you think?  Is this drool-worthy excitement-generating, or is it a bridge too far?

(The Dr. Manhattan cartoon looks awesome, by the way.)

Video after the jump.