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Time Magazine x Graphic Novels

Another list to mock (belatedly). This one comes via Flashlight Worthy (which has one of the best book-related feeds on The Twitter). In 2005, Time Magazine varfed up the 100 Best Books ever, and - being the progressive publication they are - included ten graphic novels:

Berlin: City of Stones (Jason Lutes)
Blankets (Craig Thompson)
Bone: The One Volume Edition (Jeff Smith)
Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Kim Deitch)
Batman: The Dark Night Returns (Frank Miller)
David Boring (Daniel Clowes)
Ed the Happy Clown (Chester Brown)
Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid in the World (Chris Ware)
Palomar: The Heartbreak Soup Stories (Gilbert Hernandez)
Watchmen (Alan Moore)

FLW took the liberty of adding a #11, Maus (Art Spiegelman), which I agree was a ridiculous oversight on the part of Time's hipster trendspotting team. Especially since they were apparently scouring the shelves for the best in 'non-superhero' comics. (And got stuck on the letter 'B', no less...)

In all fairness, the hipster trendspotting team kicked my ass on this one - I've only even heard of half of these, and I've read a pathetic... four (and I can't remember a thing about Blankets).

Mind you, this won't prevent me from mocking them mercilessly. So, with another four years of the comics boom under our belt, what books would anyone else add?

Here's a few starters for conversational purposes. Fell? Akira? Daredevil? Wimbledon Green?