Underground Reading: Calculated Risk by Charles Eric Maine
Underground Reading: Death Trap by John D. MacDonald

Onion x Comic Book Cinema

The Onion's AV Club has put together a list of 24 other comic books that would make excellent movies. The list is of the usual quality (why are Onion critics so much better than normal critics?). Of the items I've read, there are only two that I wouldn't recommend for movies:

  • Cerebus: High Society. Granted, this is one of the more linear parts of David Sim's meta-masturbatory comic book epic, but it is still on the silly side of complex. And that's even before all the practical questions - would it need to be animated? Or would we be stuck with another Howard the Duck?
  • Sandman: Seasons of Mist. I say this mostly to needle LittleKidWithaBeard, but my concerns are half cautionary ("Could it really be as good as we'd want it to be?") and half rational ("Would it be any good without the larger context of the series?")

Three to add:

  • Criminal Macabre. Just finished this Niles/Templesmith collaboration. It is in the perfect, cinema-friendly middle between Fell (I'd love it, but it would be a terrible movie) and 30 Days of Night (they tried, but just a wee bit thin).
  • 1985. Another one I just finished (and reviewed). It'd be a great horror movie. In fact, the less you know, the better it may be... a horror movie about comic books coming to life would be fantastic. Although it'd still have lots of cameos in it for the Marvel zombies, of course.
  • DMZ. The first volume, at least. Although, now that we're Hope-tastic, are war movies passe?