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Brian Lumley @ Forbidden Planet, 7 March


(Picture from Forbidden Planet)

The book: Necroscope: Harry and the Pirates

The star: Brian Lumley was very friendly. He had something to say about all of the books he signed and gave recommendations on follow-up reading. He even took the time to sign both of his entries in a second-hand anthology. He was pleased to shake hands and politely greeted everyone - including a gang of Facebook "friends" that showed up after I did. (More on Brian Lumley)

The crowd: A steady trickle of black-clad superfans. There wasn't a line, but Lumley always had someone in front of him.

The setting: Forbidden Planet knows their stuff. There were announcements over the PA system every 10-15 minutes, trying to jolt the Watchmen-crowd out of their reverie. (More signings at FP)

The signature: Brian Lumley was happy to inscribe and to flatsign. Black ballpoint pen. Brief message. Not dated.

Suggestions: My one niggling comment would be that the display table near Lumley only contained his latest book. I'm sure there were contractual/publisher/whatever reasons for this, but if I hadn't thought to check the shelves for his other works, I would've only walked out of there with one book (instead of four).