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The Angels of Mons

The Bowmen The Winter issue of Machenalia (the newsletter of the Friends of Arthur Machen Society) has some photographs and captions by yours truly. Arthur Machen - a Welsh horror writer and contemporary of HP Lovecraft - is possibly best known for two things. 

The first is his haunting short story of sinister vegetation, "The Willows". The second is "The Bowmen" - his retelling of the legendary Angels of Mons, phantom archers that helped the the British forces at the Battle of Mons in 1914.

When I bought an early copy of "The Bowmen and Other Stories",  I found some carefully pressed clippings from the era, talking about the Mons sightings. Interesting stuff that I was keen to share (and FOAM was happy to reprint).

If you're not a member of FOAM already (or not even a fan of Machen's work), it is worth joining for the sheer collectible value of their publications. For their paltry membership fee of £17, you get several hardbound and softbound journals, as well as a variety of fantastic extras (in 2007, that included a limited edition Tartarus Press volume).