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Mortenebra - First Impressions

Do_you_believe_in_love_at_first_sight_tshirt-p235126363794969588o6q5_400 A belated Warmachine update - after retiring my High Reclaimer, my first outing of my new Mortenebra army went (suspiciously) well. 

Despite my horrific history with Cryx, Mort and I managed to click right off the bat. I like to think it was because I managed to turn her into one of my better conversions - instead of being a steampunk cyber-centaur, she's now a Lovecraftian tentacle-monster. 

(More Warmachine adventures after the jump...)

I played three 750 point games (vs Skorne, Mercs & Cygnar) and, to everyone's surprise, won two of them. And the third was one of those losses where, two weeks later, my other synapse fires and I realize I could've won... 

My main barrier is switching to a Mort-friendly style. Mortenebra is fast, aggressive and jack-focused. My High Reclaimer was ponderous, defensive and infantry-obsessed. Still, clearly something is working. 

The next round of matches is in a couple weeks - and I'm hosting. The bits & bobs for the gaming table are currently winging in from a few different eBay vendors, but I'm playing up the Lovecraftian aspect to ensure that I've got some home field advantage...