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Alan Moore x Jerusalem

The Summer 2009 issue of Nude has an in-depth interview with everyone's favorite writer/warlock, Alan Moore. It covers his thoughts on pornography (yay), his movies (boo) and his recent projects - but it also gives some tantalizing previews of what's coming next: The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic and Jerusalem

The latter, Moore's second book (book-book, not comic book-book) sounds utterly insane:

When finished, it will be a half million world-long tome and will have had no editor (save a coma [sic] and colon-checking perusal by friend Steve Moore, no relation) and may be published by Top Shelf. Unshackled from the mind-forged manacles (or at least from publishers and collaborators and deadlines), Jerusalem might possibly become Moore's magnum opus. Or by working totally unchecked Moore might just out the worst thing he's ever written.

The book defies description - including aspects of a Samuel Becket play, 'the Famous Five from beyond the grave' and other random phrases that all seem pulled from a hallucinatory hat.