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PK Draft: Wizard companion on your epic journey

Wizard The first - and most powerful - sidekick in High Fantasy is invariably the wizard. 

The wise and enigmatic mage pops up in chapter 2, generally armed with explosive revelations of Hidden Destiny, Prophecy and Big Brooding Evils. 

So, pretend you're a stableboy that just learned you have a Magical Destiny. You're about to hike off on your journey to face the big bad, so which wizard are you taking with you?

A few rules:

- Try to be specific - so for legends and classics (e.g. Merlin), try to tie them down to one book or series.

- The definition of 'fantasy' is pretty broad. As is 'wizard'. More argument, less rules.

- They have to be a good guy - or, at the very least - on the same side. This is for the Companion, not the Dark. So Voldemort is out, but Snape is ok (please don't turn this into an argument about Harry Potter).

- Per usual, please wait 5 places before picking again.