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PK Draft: With great power...


Pick the Marvel comic book (current series / dead series / mini-series / graphic novel / whatever) that you want as your very own. 

You can staff it up however you choose, futz with the plots, save it from obscurity or kill everyone off. Go wild. 

The rules:

1) If someone else picked it, you can't. 

2) Five person 'rounds' - you have to wait 5 people between picks (e.g. I'm going first, but then I can't pick again until number 6).

3) Marvel only. In case that wasn't clear enough.

4) Explanations are desirable, but not mandatory. 

PICK 1 (Jared): Cloak & Dagger. Awkward, awkward pair of Z-list heroes that never held down their own title longer than a minute. BUT, once you scratch the surface, they were a bit gritty - plot-lines involved kidnapped children, slavery and the drug trade. I'd like to see a modern-era approach in which a skilled writer works with the race, sex and class tension that permeates this awkward pairing and sends them back to the streets. Not sure who (Ennis feels right, but I don't want him to go all goofy), but someone. And it needs nasty, edgy, rough art.