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Privateer Press: Enigmatic Announcement

From their website (and via Tabletop Gaming News):

"Privateer Press has a secret, and we are giving our fans at Gen Con a special first look! Come on down August 14th at 4:00 pm to the Capital III room of the Westin Hotel for a multi-media presentation and Q&A panel, featuring Privateer Press Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson and some very special guests, as Privateer Press unveils the next big thing for WARMACHINE!"

With Mark II already announced - and the latest faction already well-detailed on-site and in No Quarter magazine - no one has any idea what this could be. 

Rampant speculation after the jump.

The logical guess is Hordes Mark II, but the press release specifically says Warmachine.

Some Warmachine-related speculation includes:

- Alternate media: Warmachine novels, video games or film (the latter probably would've leaked already).

- Next expansion: The next 'Forces of Warmachine' book (which would presumably be the Retribution?)

- Next plot arc: Legends wrapped up a plot arc in Warmachine - so perhaps we're looking at the next major book and narrative change (the return of the Orgoth seems to be the front-runner here, with 'invasion from Zu' a distant second)

If I had to bet... I wouldn't bet much... but I'm leaning towards the novels. Any other thoughts?