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E. Howard Hunt: CIA Spook & Fairly Talented Author

Howard Hunt Gordon Davis

Hands down, the most fascinating Gold Medal author? E. Howard Hunt - who lived a life as exciting as any of his detective heroes.

Hunt worked for the CIA and then for President Nixon. Alongside the notorious G. Gordon Liddy, Hunt was one of the President's "plumbers" - private operatives to Nixon, out to fix 'leaks'. Hunt was one of the figures behind the Watergate scandal, serving almost three years in prison for his role in wiretapping the hotel room.

Hunt published under a half-dozen pseudonyms as well as his own name. As well as the expected, 'I was an inside man' sort of memoirs, he wrote some marginally-memorable detective fiction. 

A few lackluster political thrillers are made much more exciting by pretending that the dialogue was copped from Hunt's own days in espionage, but, oddly, his standout book is a conventional P.I. piece, House Dick (happily back in print from Hard Case crime).

Howard Hunt Gordon Davis

Still, Hunt's fascinating background - combined the the Robert McGinnis covers that grace many of his books - make him a collectible author.