Boston (Done That)
Howard Chaykin @ BICS, 3 October

BICS (Done that, too)


I've undoubtedly missed the boat on a timely review of the British International Comic Show (nee Birmingham International Comic Show). But it was a blast, and I'll be posting reviews of all the reading material that I picked up throughout next week.

Unlike last year, I did a better job packing - so I came back with two proper suitcases filled with loot, and not a thousand carrier bags. (Virgin Trains probably appreciates this as well).

After the jump, more bits on BICS and a rare picture of Birmingham looking pretty. 


Best purchases: I finally got a copy of Bryan Talbot's One Bad Rat, but I already knew that was going to be terrific. I think the stack of original art that I got from Geof (Fetishman) may take the cake... I'll try to get it scanned neatly for sharing.

Weirdest purchases: Despite picking up items from a dozen small publishers, I'd say the strangest thing I came home with was a near-complete run of X-Factor. I have no idea why. I don't even like X-Factor.

Most obsessive purchases: Cinebook are doing their damndest to bring the best of European comics over to the UK. And I'm doing my damndest to buy them all... a sneak preview of the next week's reviews, but the latest Largo Winch is brilliant and the fourth volume of Thorgal (The Archers/Alinoe) has one of the most haunting story arcs I've ever read. 

Special nifty shout-out: To the Little Kid with a Beard & 'The Dame' for letting me tag along (including to a boozy dinner with the Garys (Leach and Erskine) - swapping dirty stories with Gary Erskine will definitely be one for the ages...)