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PK Draft: Warrior companion on your epic journey

Barack the Barbarian Ok, stableboy-that's-secretly-the-High-King, you've got your Wizard companion, but how about the Warrior? 

A few ladies may make the grade, but, in High Fantasy, the Warrior role is almost exclusively male. This archetype exists to prepare the hero for the inevitable physical challenges that will occur - and a few emotional ones as well - training in the manly arts of manly swordsmanship and manly honor. 

So, here you are, stableboy, you've got a lot to get done and need someone to watch your back... 

(Rules below the jump)

The rules:

- As with the Wizard, be specific. If you're choosing Arthur or Lancelot, you need to nail it down to a specific book or series.

- The definition of 'fantasy' is pretty broad. As is 'warrior'. 

- Arguments always encouraged.

- Wait 5 picks before picking again.