The Neon Jungle by John D. MacDonald
Massive Lists: 35 Essential Fantasy Books

Meanwhile, the rest of the Internet provides content.

The Mad Hatter scored an interview with Paul McAuley, author of The Quiet War (amongst others - I rate Pasquale's Angel as one of the more intriguing alternate histories).

An audio recording of James Holloway's recent lecture at Treadwell's (London) is available (for free, no less) from Yog-Sothoth. Holloway's speech, 'The Lairs of Cthulhu', was on Lovecraft's use of archaelogy and myth in the Cthulhu mythos.

If you're interested in seeing a comic book come to life (and a good one, at that), check out the progress of DECONSTRUCTED. The writer (Den Patrick) and the artist (Chris Christison) are both blogging simultaneously as the project explodes. I was treated with an advance copy of the script, and it looks fantastic - a quasi-grimpunk space fantasy that's being brilliantly brought to life in the early illustrations.