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Pornokitsch x More Numbers

I finally cracked the top 5,000 Amazon reviewers. (Hard work, that!) 

Every time a review is posted here, it is also posted on Amazon (albeit with less naughty language). You'll see it in the little 'Amazon reviews' box on the left-hand side of this page. If you've got a moment, pop over and give it a thumbs up.

And, of course, every time you buy something on Amazon - after going through that link - this site makes ENTIRE AMERICAN PENNIES. Oddly, I'm less fussed about that than the review ranking. Share your opinion, save your money.

Speaking of money, I've crawled up to #24 in Horace Bent's (the editor of the Bookseller) fantasy 'book' league, in which competitors select the best-selling books for the fall & holiday season. #24 ain't bad - especially when you consider I'm merely a know-it-all amateur, up against professional! Anything other than last place is a coup.

So, there you go: 

Pornokitsch: somewhere between the 24th and the 5,000th-ranked opinion on the Internet.