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PK Draft: Christian Superheroes

Solomon Kane With the release of "Solomon Kane", Robert E. Howard's strangest creation hits the big screen. Kane is a Puritan action hero - slaughtering everything in his path, then feeling really shitty about it afterwards.  

He's also (see: "Puritan") a serious Christian.

Geekliness and Godliness have always been strange bedfellows - which leads us to our next draft: Your favorite Christian hero or superhero? 

To liven things up... We've got a copy of Solomon Kane (the novelization), signed by star James Purefoy and director/screenwriter Michael Bassett. 

Enter before 1 March for a crack at it - we'll draw everyone's name out of a hat, and send it to the winner.

Rules & Whatnot below. Get picking!

- One pick at a time, but, as always, you can draft multiple times: just wait 5 places before going again.

- "Christian" "hero" and "superhero" are all completely flexible definitions. We're open-minded, just be prepared to defend your pick!

- Healthy debate is always encouraged.

- Please try not to be offensive. 

- We'll contact the winner for their name, address & shipping details.

- Management reserves the right to change the rules & conditions as we see fit. No shirt, no shoes, no service.