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The Week in Geek (Feb. 15 - 21)

Here's what you may have missed this week in geek!

Gail Carriger outed herself as a fan of Pornokitsch favorite John D. MacDonald.  Viva la Travis!Contest2

Joe Abercrombie interviewed Chris McGrath, the artist responsible for the controversial cover art on the reissues of his First Law trilogy.  What follows is an absolutely fascinating look at what kind of control artists and authors have over their cover art (short answer: not much) and suggest that, once again, the power responsible for all those perplexing decisions that have long left book geeks shaking their heads in confusion is the marketing department.

The Pornokitsch editorial staff discovered (and spent countless hours exploring) Fallen London. Don't laugh - Jared's Dangerous (actually, not that Dangerous. But very Watchful), and Anne's got a dead rat on a string.

Kate Beaton (Never Learn Anything from History) has posted the second in her ongoing series "A Book by its Gorey Cover," in which she revisits novels (in comic form) for which Pornokitsch favorite Edward Gorey designed covers long ago.

Mark Charan Newton inspired an great conversation in his blog about grittiness in modern fantasy novels, both what it is and what it means as a marketing and as a psychological category.  And if you feel like giving one of his stories a spin - literally - he's invited readers to "remix" something he's written to see what they might come up with.

London's Prince Charles Cinema is making a strong case for its inclusion on the Pornokitsch London GeekMap with this week's double-bill of Aliens and Predator.  (There were costumes!)

James_purefoy_1_440x330James Purefoy (Rome, Solomon Kane) looked foxy at Forbidden Planet. Very. Foxy.

Peter V Brett (The Painted Man, Desert Spear) gave our London GeekMap a thumbs up on Twitter - saying it'll be handy on his upcoming April visit. Celebrity endorsement AND advance news of Desert Spear signings? Awesome.