The Week in Geek: Feb 21 - 26

Here's what you might have missed this week!

676-550x-Superman-v-Batman Deadwood's baddest badass Ian McShane was cast as Blackbeard in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  This is particularly exciting because the next Pirates movie will be based (very loosely, we hear) on Tim Powers' excellent novel On Stranger Tides.

Clark Kent scored the most recent victory in the ongoing battle for comic supremacy between Batman and Superman.  A copy of Action Comics #1, the Man of Steel's first appearance, sold this week for a record-breaking $1 million (over the internet, of course).   Batman's first appearance, also up for sale, is expected to net a paltry $400,000.

Our latest draft - Christian Superheroes - has received some interesting (Aslan! Buffy?!) responses. The draft ends on Monday, so take part soon if you want your name in the drawing for the James Purefoy autograph.

Pornokitsch friend Little Kid with a Beard got a crack at the next Steph Swainston, Above the Snowline, and liked it.  You can read his review here.

TattooineThe BBC released the premiere date - April 3rd - for the next episode of Doctor Who, which will also be Matt Smith's first full-length episode as the eleventh Doctor, and mark the beginning of Stephen Moffat's tenure as showrunner.  (But you knew that already.)  April 3rd, however, also happens to fall during Eastercon.  Your Pornokitsch editorial staff are torn about whether to brave watching Doctor Who in a crowded auditorium or just skip the Con that day and go watch the show with friends - preferably friends with comfy sofas and sleepy kittens.

The Captain America movie, helmed by Joe Johnston, is moving into the casting phase.  Apparently five actors are going in for screen-tests to play Steve Rogers, including Friday Night Lights' Scott Porter and The Office's John Krasinski.

In other movie news, David Goyer has been hired to write the new Superman movie.  David Goyer is a Pornokitsch favorite, having both Blade and the two recent Batman movies to his credit.

A Chicago-based graphic designer has released some seriously cool Star Wars-themed faux-vintage travel posters.  You can check them out and read an interview with him here.  (My favorite is definitely the Death Star.)