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The Week in Geek: Feb 27 - March 5

Massive Sales at Borderlands Books

For anyone on the West Coast (or within flying distance thereof), Borderlands Books is having a massive series of sales over the next month. These come on top of their normal routine of events & signings.

- DVD Close-out Sale (March 6-12): All DVD's reduced by 25% - and then another 5% each day.

- Hardcover Sale (March 13-14): 20% off all hardcovers (including the super-rare ones!)

- Trade Paperback Sale (March 20 - 21): 20% off all trade paperbacks

- Two-for-One Used Books (March 27-28): Crikey. I can't believe I'm missing this one. 

- Garage Sale (April 3-4): Everything from tools to shelves, broadswords to typewriters (not kidding). 

Also worth noting, Borderlands are selling 100 special gift certificates. Almost like short-term loans - the $100 certificates are redeemable for $120 in August. (Perfect for those travelling trips to San Francisco this summer...)

All sounds a little ominous, but owner Jude explains that they're freeing up some cash after opening the new cafe. They are not (whew) going out of business. I also suggest checking out their long list of events over the next couple months - authors like Chaz Brenchley and Gail Carriger will be swinging by.

Support your local or non-local bookshop. There aren't enough of them left.