PK Interview: Paul Kane (Part 2)

PK Draft: Sexy, Sexy Steampunk

SoullessIf there are two hot trends right now, they're the salacious fun of urban fantasy and the romantic escapism of Steampunk. Let's combine the two (kind of like the wonderful Gail Carriger - who prompted this whole thing with a blog post of her own). 

So, this week's draft: Who is the Steampunk character that you'd be least likely to throw out of bed?

And, no, we don't mean "because they bring the best duvet". Nor does it necessarily have to be a bed. This is Steampunk after all, so if you'd rather do your shagging in an airship or the Nautilus, now's the time to pick your partner.

Plus, we've got an awesome themed prize.

We're giving away a proof copy of Stephen Hunt's steampunk adventure, The Kingdom Beyond the Waves

All you need to do is enter the draft - every pick is a chance in the drawing!

The rules:

- Only one pick at a time, please. And remember to wait 5 picks before going again.

- Spare us the squishy details, please. If this gets too anatomical, we all lose.

- Healthy debate is always encouraged.

- We'll run this one for a week - Tuesday, 16 March.

- Winner of the drawing will be announced on the blog & contacted by email. We'll pay postage ('cause we're awesome).

- We're ignoring our own "Steampunk vs Flowerpunk" debate for this. Maybe. For now.