Joe Hill @ Forbidden Planet, 20 March
Graphic Novel Round-Up: The Big Screen

PK Draft: Who illustrates your autobiography?

David Lloyd -Kickback For this week's draft, you're very special. 

Well, you're always special - we love all our readers - but for this week, you're very, very special. So special, in fact, that The Phantom Publishing Company has just rung up - they're ready to print your autobiography as soon as you choose your illustrator.

Who will it be? 

We've got two prizes this week: David Lloyd's Kickback and the first issue of Jamie McKelvie's Suburban Glamour. 

Both are signed by their respective, world-famous illustrator. Per usual, all you need to do to win is participate. Competition ends on 30 March (evening-ish, British time).

Rules & conditions below the jump.


The rules:

- Only one pick at a time

- You need to wait five more places before you can pipe up again (e.g., if you jump in at number 3, you need to wait until 4-8 are gone before picking again)

- Multiple picks DO mean multiple chances in the drawing!

- Illustrator means book or comic book. We're good either way.

- Discussion always encouraged, just be nice.