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The Week in Geek: Feb 27 - March 5

Here's what you may have missed this week in geek!

Batman_slap_robin Pornokitsch friend Dom points out in the comments to last week's Week in Geek that Batman's first appearance wound up selling for more than Superman's, at $1,075,500.  Holy guacamole, Batman!

After internet buzz for a year, George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones TV series is a go - it will start on HBO next spring. Presumably with a busy schedule of set visits, production stalking & premieres, we won't see any progress on Dance of Dragons until 2013. 

London's Prince Charles Cinema cemented its place in Pornokitsch's collective heart by showing the classic Ladies who Shag Blind Angels in Space movie Barbarella on Tuesday night.

The Nation published an absolutely exceptional review of JG Ballard's Complete StoZombie_my_little_pony_tattoories by none other than China MiĆ©ville.  You really, really must read it:  where else will you find someone reference Star Wars, HP Lovecraft, and Zadie Smith when discussing Ballard?  "Whether they contract or expand," one typically lyrical sentence goes, "Ballard's rooms never change, and never let us go." 

Steph Swainston's latest, Above the Snowline, quietly went on sale. Den Patrick has an early review and it sounds great. Has it really only been three years since The Modern World (2007)? It feels like a decade- perhaps that explains the odd lack of buzz.

In squid we trust. Ben Templesmith opened his online store

Last but not least, the weirdest thing you'll watch on YouTube today:  people dressed as My Little Ponies, belting out Broadway showtunes.