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You looked like a little kid with a beard.

We bid a brief adieu to You Look Like a Little Kid with a Beard last week, but, as one of our favorite sites, we wanted to give a little more in the way of tribute. 

You Look Like A Little Kid With A Beard 

The internet is a little emptier without the Little Kid's commitment to NIN, well-painted miniatures, short stories, convention reviews and cheeky comic book previews.

A few classic, bearded moments over the past three years:

- "Cuisine" (May 2007)

- Transformers Review (July 2007)

- Last Argument of Kings Review (March 2008)

- Interview with Steve White (July 2008)

Skorne (February 2009) [one of many, many posts that amount to paint-porn]

- Van Helsing Bites (November 2009)

I suggest a quick trip to the site & its archives before the internet eats it.