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Previews: Cinebook

13-jpg Some of the most intriguing genre releases we spotted at the London Book Fair were from Cinebook, who translate European comics for those trapped in English.

As well as bringing more books from long-running series like Blake & Mortimer, Largo Winch and Thorgal, fans have three more titles to lust after:

XIII: A man washes ashore, barely alive. He has forgotten everything, including his name. The only clue is the number XIII tattooed on his shoulder... Originally serialized in 1984, XIII was created by Jean Van Hamme. All 19 books will be published in English for the first time from Cinebook, starting in May 2010, released at the rate of one new volume every two months.

Valerian: A science-fiction epic originally created in 1967. Valerian and Laureline are agents from the future. They travel to 1986 (a weird, Apocalyptic version thereof) to chase down a criminal mastermind. The only comic illustrated by Jean-Claude Mezeries, the famous film set designer (see: "The Fifth Element"). 

Apparently there are a few similarities between Valerian and Star Wars as well. Not that I distrust Lucas (gasp!), but that only makes me more curious to check out this series. Released in English starting in July.

Long John Silver: Twenty years after the events of Treasure Island, Lady Vivian Hastings must seek out the one man who can help her... Long John Silver. We got a peek at the absolutely stunning illustrations by Mathieu Lauffray - couldn't read a word of it, but this looks like a particularly dark epic. Hits the shelves in November.