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New Releases: The Fools' Crusade by Pip Vaughan-Hughes

Previews: Quirk

Much to everyone's surprise, Quirk hit the big time with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. How are they following that up in 2010?

Android Karenina (Quirk Classics) Android Karenina: The latest episode in Quirk's free-wheeling abuse of classics is based on a Tolstoy book that no one has ever actually completed. I shudder to think of what the Jane Eyre or Tale of Two Cities pitches must've been like if this is the winning title. With a print run of 200,000 copies, Quirk are betting that this is another winner. Out in June.

Night of the Living Trekkies: Co-written by Kevin Anderson and Sam Stall, this comedy/adventure has a lot of Trek-obsessed convention-goers fighting... zombies. Either the ultimate in wishful thinking or the height of sad, this is the "final frontier of zombie science-fiction mash-ups!". Released in September.

The Geometry of Pasta: Honestly, I can't possibly post-rationalize the genre connection, but this book looks awesome. A beautifully-illustrated black and white hardcover with a jacket that unfolds into a poster of pasta, this cookbook pairs recipes with history and science to be the ultimate pasta guide. Released in September.

DC Comics: The 75th Anniversary Poster Book: An oversized treat, collecting 100 of the best covers from DC's history. The sample copy (that I tried to run off with) showed a classic Superman cover alongside a goofy one from Wonder Woman and something wonderfully moody from Swamp Thing. This looks stunning and is available in October.

Disneystrology: A genuine "what the fuck" sort of book. "Noted astrologer Lisa Finander has identified 366 unique Disney character types and paired these characters to corresponding birth dates.... Readers will also discover character profiles, compatible birthdays, tips for dealing with others and much, much more!". Priced at £10.99 UK, personally, I'd rather swallow 11 pound coins. Apparently Lisa's earlier book, "Colorstrology" sold over 50,000 copies, so who knows? Released in October.