Underground Reading: The Painted Man by Peter V. Brett

He Said/She Said: Best Companion

Martha? Rose? Kylie?

Who knows what lies in the hearts of men and Pornokitsch editors?

He says: Whilst the other companions are Micky-like caricatures with no skills whatsoever, Martha is actually useful. She's like that on the show, too. She's not just the Doctor's superego, she's a... doctor. When the world is taken over by the Master, she doesn't cower, she leads a global resistance. In fact, she's such a strong, capable character that I'd levy an accusing glance at Davies for giving her a puppy-dog crush on the Doctor. Else, she'd come close to being his...  gasp... equal. Plus, she's hot.

She says: Rose gets my vote. I love her resourcefulness - for heaven's sake, she once sucked Satan out the windshield of a spaceship!  And I love her complete and categorical refusal to be bossed around by the Doctor. But, beyond that, I'm a sucker for a love story.  And the Doctor/Rose arc was a hell of a love story.

What's your take?