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Happy Birthday, Ray Harryhausen!

Harryhausen-754598Pornokitsch ├╝berhero Ray Harryhausen is 90 years old today.  Harryhausen holds a special place in our collective heart here at Pornokitsch; Jared and I are both fanatical stop-motion-ophiles, and we made friends in college by bonding over our shared enthusiasm for Harryhausen's movies.  Jared has had the great good fortune to meet Harryhausen three times (I, alas, have not yet had the pleasure), and his wedding gift to me was a vintage Clash of the Titans poster signed to us with Harryhausen's best wishes.

Harryhausen's monsters represent the best of fantasy movie-making:  exquisite craftsmanship, gorgeous detail, and a loving and deeply personal commitment to the creative process of monster-making.  The movies around them haven't necessarily withstood the test of time, but the monsters in a Harryhausen flick have proven themselves immortal.