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Underground Reading: Lynch Town by John Kilgore

Harlan Ellison x Subterranean Press

Ellison01_b Subterranean Press have just announced that they'll be releasing an oversized, expanded, ultra-sexy version of Harlan Ellison's phenomenal Deathbird Stories

Ellison is still my favorite science fiction author, full stop. He's gutsy, misogynistic, angry, horrible, ballsy, wonderful, provocative, petty, imaginative, cruel and astounding. I love to discuss his bad work and I can't bear to talk about his best. 

Although publishers occasionally reprint individual volumes, his full body of work is still too massive comprehend. White Wolf made an ambitious (if poorly edited) attempt to bring out his complete works, but floundered a mere 4 volumes in to a projected 31 volume set. 

Subterranean may be the press with the right Ellisonian chutzpah to pull it off.