DVDs - Dexter Season 1 and Homicide: Life on the Street Seasons 1 & 2



[Please take part in the discussion, but the drawing is now over. Dead. Dead-dead. Not zombie-dead.]

We've had a topsy-turvy relationship with the shambling undead as of late - absolutely abusing one recent zombie "hit" and then discovering a hidden gem in another. So what's your take?

Is the zombie trend dead & buried? Or are there still more lurching, brain-devouring delights to come? Discussion encouraged, but, more importantly - DRAFT TIME. Who or what is your favorite zombie?

We've got a stack of zombie goodies to give away - including shiny new first editions of Ryan Brown's Play Dead, Weston Ochse's Empire of Salt and a signed copy of Rebecca Levene's Anno Mortis

Rules as usual, below the jump.


- You can pick as many times as you like (and each pick is a chance in the drawing), but you've got to wait 5 people between each go

- Draft ends at 7 pm (GMT) on 29 June

- We ship everywhere, 'cause we're AWESOME

- Debate is encouraged, abuse is not (unless it is directed at innocent third parties)