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PK Draft: Lost in Translation

Pierre Pevel

[The drawing is done, but please feel free to keep chatting.]

A publisher recently poised the question "Who is your favorite French fantasist?" on Twitter, and got six people responding with "Jules Verne". 

This can't be right. 

According to recent studies, at least 4% of the world doesn't speak English, so there should be a few options out there somewhere.

Thus, this week's draft topic: Pick your favorite non-English-language genre author. 

The prize is pretty awesome... we've got a foxy proof copy of Pierre Pevel's The Cardinal's Blades. Originally published in French, this highly-acclaimed, Gemmell-shortlisted novel is the first English translation of Mr Pevel's work. 

A lovely book, and all you need to do for a chance to win is enter the draft...

Rules below the jump. Get drafting!

- You can enter as many times as you like, but you have to wait 5 picks before you can go again. 

- Books only! (No film, no comics, no manga)

- It helps if the author has been translated into English, but isn't necessary. (It'd be nice though, else the monolingual will never learn & grow...)

- Discussion and debate are both encouraged.

- The drawing will take place on Tuesday, 3 August, at 5 pm, GMT. We'll ship anywhere.