Summer Reading: Gothic Fiction

Sales x Supercons

A busy couple days on the commercial front - all the late-summer sales are starting and, curiously, three of the big British cons all made announcements. In case you've missed it, here's the news:

- PS Publishing expanded their current "bundled" sale offer and - wonderfully  - started a "scratch and dent" section on their site. A brilliant way to get some of their more unaffordable items for a near-pittance.

- Centipede Press are down to the last few copies on several titles (including the gorgeous In Concert and Nosferatu). It is well worth being on the mailing list for this lovely small press, as most of their offers are only announced in that channel.

And, on the convention front:

- SFX Weekender has Terry Pratchett, who will undoubtedly headline an already-guest-heavy event. Guests, one notes cynically, were not last year's problem. One hopes that they're spending energy on the duller aspects of convention management as well. One also hopes that one stops referring to oneself as one.

- London MCM Expo is hosting the Eagle Awards. MCM is making a big play to become the "London ComicCon", and, power to them, this is a nice move. MCM, as we've noted in the past, is always great for comics - but traditional, Occidental styles are generally overwhelmed by the manga fans. This may shift the balance of power. Also, since the Eagle Awards are shamelessly regional, presumably every nominee can get there via public transport.

- BICS has Paul Cornell. Apparently this justifies a full-page announcement and, bizarrely, a panel to discuss his life & works. No comment.

The fall is generally looking busy with visits from William Gibson, the launch of Solaris' End of the Line, a new book from Michael Moorcock and a few others already in our diary.