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About Babylon Steel

In case you missed it, earlier this week, Solaris acquired Babylon Steel from debut author Gaie Sebold. Steel is an ex-swordswoman just trying to run her business in the city Scalentine.

What's her business? She runs the best brothel in town.

Being the curious sort, we did a rare bit of reporting and reached out to Solaris editor Jonathan Oliver for a quick comment:

"One thing that strikes me about fantasy is how old-school and medieval sexual politics often are in the novels. Obviously if you're using a medieval social structure, then some of this is going to happen anyway. But, let's not forget that all important word, fantasy. You can do anything. Gaie is one of the few writers around who is talking sensibly and inventively and compassionately about sex and sexual politics. Couple this with a kick-ass fantasy story involving Gods and monsters and journeying through many planes of reality, and you have a fresh and original work. Very pleased to have Gaie on the list."

There you go. From the horse's mouth: gods, monsters and sexual politics, all coming in late 2011.