Underground Reading: A Tan and Sandy Silence by John D. MacDonald

Reasoning with Vampires

We all love Stephenie Meyer here at Pornokitsch. OMGsrsly, we just can't get enough of that hot emo vampire moping. At weekends, we all dress up as Edmund and Stella and the werewolfy one... 

Obviously, we'd all rather actually die than claim to have even a passing appreciation for the Twilight books. We could explain why the novels - beyond even their shockingly messed up sexual politics - should never have seen the light of day but that would take a very, very long time. Not to worry, Reasoning With Vampires has got our backs. 

This blog is a doorway into a refreshing world where intelligence, good writing and quality in publishing really matter. So, not Meyer's world. And the blog doesn't display just substance, but style, too. Every bite-sized critique of the books looks a little like this:


The site is particularly entertaining on the subject of Meyer's overuse of commas - and there's a delicious streak of dislike aimed towards Bella, the perma-grumpy star of the show...


I love it. You'll most likely love it, too. Twihards can go cry into their cocoa. Click on the link above or either of the images and prepare to lose a few hours of your life in literate bliss.