Underground Reading: Dress Her in Indigo by John D. MacDonald

Where's Pornokitsch?

October is a fantastic month for local geekery. We're kicking it off with Foyles on October 5, with a William Gibson reading (the event is sold out, but Gibson is also at Forbidden Planet on the 9th). October 7 brings us to Forbidden Planet for Iain M. Banks. The following week, October 12, we're listening to China Mieville wax bombastic on censorship. BICS lures us to Birmingham the weekend of October 15. We then get a little time off (not counting Halloween parties, gaming & generally being loud). Finally, the month then ends with a bang of a weekend: MCM (30/31) and the highly-anticipated Pulps & Paperbacks book fair (31). We're far less offensive in person than we are online - if you see us, say hi and we can swap pints.