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"Critics occupy a central function in the establishment of a literary canon, and they are important in counteracting the spurious impressiveness of mere popular appeal. But the key is not the mere expression of a judgment upon a given author or work, but a judgment informed by an exhaustive knowledge of the field and - that most intangible and indefinable of qualities - a keen critical sense that distinguishes the superficial from the profound, the meretricious from the sincere, and the obvious from the complex."
    -- ST Joshi, The Evolution of the Weird Tale.

One of the things we don't do at Pornokitsch is indulge in a lot of masturbatory blogging-on-blogging naval-gazing. That's an editorial decision we made a long time ago: we write about the things we want to write about and very, very rarely does that include public introspection.

But, if you'll excuse me a brief moment of pompous indulgence, if you were to ask us what we're about? The first answer, of course, is "having fun". And the second, more trepidatious response? I'd like to think it'd be something along the lines of Mr Joshi's words above. We genuinely, irrepressibly, often-humiliatingly love genre fiction, and, as a reflection of that love, occasionally do our best to provide a wee bit of critical rigour.

(Basically, we snark because we care. And ST Joshi says that's ok.)